Today, solving questions of Mathematics in competitive exams is not enough. As we know, the important thing is to solve the questions with accuracy and within the given time period. If you are solving the questions, means you know the basics of mathematics which comes under competitive exams. But you need more speed, so that you can solve the questions within time. The field of mathematics studies a wide variety of topics.

Mathematics Topics Overview

All types of mathematical work and syllabus starting with problems relating to Number system, Decimals, Fractions, Simplification, HCF and LCM. Furthermore topics included Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Partnership, Average, Profit and Losses, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Mensuration, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Data Interpretation, Trigonometry etc.

Candidates should have good understanding of all the topics mentioned in the syllabus. As we know, the competitive exams test the candidate’s clarity of concept, speed of calculation and accuracy of the solution within time period. The most important thing is to remember the important formulas and short cut tricks whenever and wherever applicable.


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Mathematics : Time management in various examination

As we know Mathematics is one of the most time-consuming papers but it can be accomplished with the right preparation and time management. Prior to the exam, you should be sure to study extensively as well as to take care of your mind and body to prepare. During the exam, it is important to approach the questions strategically, keep track of the time and make the most of how long you have to finish it. Use below steps for time management in exams:

  • Quickly review and assess the questions.
  • Answer the questions you know the answers to first.
  • Plan out answers to long questions in the rest time.
  • Keep yourself comfortable.

How to Prepare yourself for the examination

How to prepare for exams is a big question, specially when the question is about to gain more marks. People are of different types and not all of them are brilliant students. Many work hard to get good marks, while others don’t and yet manage to score well during examinations. Use below steps for preparation of examination:

  • Practice, Practice & More Practice.
  • Understand Doubts.
  • Create a Distraction Free Environment.
  • Get some sleep.

Solving the problems of Mathematics

To study mathematics, start by doing extra problems. You need a structural way to memorise formulas and the best way to learn them is using and practicing more and more. The following steps are given for solving the problems in a comfortable manner:

  • Ensure your accuracy.
  • Accept your mistakes with another way of solution. 
  • Try forming a study group.
  • Keep practicing with old skills.
  • Be positive and cheer yourself on to success.

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