Knowledge of computer awareness is necessary to improve one’s score, especially in bank exams. Well, this section is quite scoring for most of the students appearing for the exam, most of them easily scoring 95-100% score. For the others, it would be very hard or a major leakage in their goal towards clearing the exam.

This is because, today’s official world is practically handicapped without computers and only those who are well versed in using them are fit to enter it. So this section is put in to see if you know about the basics of computers or not, to test your inclination towards the subject. Also if not then just so that you gain a bit about computers before you join the job.

So all those who have been running away from this beautiful subject for what seems like forever. Well then time to stop and face your worst fears right in its eyes. Trust us, once you face it you will realize what a waste all the running around had been. In today’s time, knowing computers is nothing less that essential in any office. So go ahead and embrace this subject, make friends with it.

Hence to help you, we are providing Complete Set of Computer Notes for Bank & SSC Exam in this article. Read the entire article to find more information about Computer Awareness.

Computer Awareness

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Syllabus for Computer Awareness section

Questions on Computer Awareness topics like Cloud Computing, Networking are frequently asked in major exams like SBI PO Prelims and Mains, RBI Grade B Phase I and Phase II, IBPS Clerk and IBPS PO, SSC, RPSC, UPSC, Railways and other departmental Exams. While these exams are very competitive, you can stand out by scoring in Computer Awareness section. Take a look to the syllabus portion:

  • Number System
  • History of Computers
  • Basics of Hardware & Software
  • Input /Output Devices
  • Basics of Operating System
  • Database (introduction)
  • Communication (Basic Introduction)
  • Basics of Computer Networking (LAN, WAN)
  • Internet (Concept, History, working environment, Application & Protocol)
  • Basics of Security Tools, Virus, Hacker
  • MS Windows, MS Office
  • Logic Gates
  • Computer Shortcuts Key
  • Computer abbreviation

Preparing for Computer Awareness Section

First get the basic knowledge of this subject. Most of the questions in various competitive exams will be from basics of this subject. So go through the basics and start your preparation.

Practicing a variety of questions will give you confidence to face Computer Awareness section. So go through as many questions as you can. Once you know the basics of computer that will automatically help to increase your interest in this subject.

All Competitive Exams – Preparation Tips

To Keep in mind following things while preparing for Computer Awareness.

  • For the applications that we use on daily basis like MS Office & Internet, prepare thoroughly in detail. Practice the functions in those applications so that you can answer any question. Moreover, know about all the key shortcuts used in these applications.
  • Study factual information about topics like Computer Languages, DBMS, Networking, Cloud Computing etc. You don’t need to study the codes and commands of these topics.
  • Whenever you are studying Versions of any software, remember them by memorizing the unique features added to them in that version. Also, study details of the current versions in use.
  • Finally, try and solve as many questions as you can.